Parliant adds professional voice recording services to its PhoneValet and
PhoneHerald offerings.

Professionally recorded messages are now easy to order, quick to receive
and inexpensive to use with the addition of Parliant’s web ordering system.

OGDENSBURG, NY and OTTAWA, ON, April 25, 2008 – Parliant Corporation is now
offering professionally recorded messages for all of Parliant’s
multi-award-winning Mac telephony products for small businesses, homes, and
home offices.

“While Apple Mac OS X is a great environment for audio recording, many
business owners have neither the time nor the interest in doing it
themselves. Parliant provides an alternative,” said Parliant President
Kevin Ford. “Parliant has teamed with one of the industry’s best recording
studios, Holdcom, to provide professional quality voice talent for
voice-prompts, on-hold messages, and outbound message production.”

Direct from Parliant’s web site, you can enter your message(s), receive a
quote, approve the order and then download your recordings 2 days later,
professionally produced in an optimal format for PhoneValet and
PhoneHerald. Simply import the files into your mailboxes and you are done!
Over 30 professional voice talents are offered, in a wide range of
languages and dialects.

For many callers, the first impression of your company is made through your
automated attendant system. Your recorded announcements present you to the
world. These professionally recorded voices become your image, used to
present your products and services.

USA Business Today said it best: 94% of marketing budgets are spent to
induce a customer to call, and only 6% to handle the call once the call is
received. Using crisp, clear, professional Voice Menu & Voice Greeting
production delivers:

* that unmistakable studio sound instead of recording through a handset or

* clear pronunciation, enunciation, and pacing of your voice prompts.

* your messages with confident and credible sound, and neutral accents

* a surprisingly inexpensive option

* Simple to order. Simple to install. Fast turnaround.

* fewer dropped calls while boosting customer satisfaction by delivering
pertinent messages.

* educated customers about your products and services with message-on-hold

“Our clients are demanding, innovative, and constantly seeking better ways
to promote their organization. Parliant helps these small organizations
present a professional image to the outside world and a big-business phone
presence.” said Mr. Ford, “Adding professional talent to record message
announcements is a natural step along that road.”

Parliant helps you make that first impression the best it can be.


About Parliant Corporation

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