On behalf of the Flack family, I would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the kind words of sympathy extended to our family, as we mourn the loss of our beloved Stan. We have read many of the comments sent in by Stan’s readers and former colleagues alike, and it is heartwarming to realize the profound effect Stan has had on many of your lives. It is certainly a tribute to Stan, and we trust his legacy will live on.

Last week was a time of grieving for our family. This week, it is time to deal with the business aspect of things. We would like to thank all of you MacMinute readers for your patience as MacMinute goes through this transition period. It is difficult, and it takes time, but we are working tirelessly to resume publication, as MacMinute now embarks on this new journey. We do appreciate your patience, and we will update our progress.

Many requests have been made regarding flowers and donations. We are in the process of setting up an education fund in Stan’s name. It is taking a little longer than we anticipated, as we want to have it accessible online for the ease of those wishing to give. This fund will be called the Stan Flack Memorial Education Fund. Stan always believed that a good education was a solid foundation for a successful career.

In closing, we would like to thank many of Stan’s former colleagues for their kind offer of assistance at this most difficult time. A special thanks to Dennis Sellers, with whom I spoke recently. Dennis worked for Stan from 1995 to 1999, and spoke of fond memories, of hard work, and lots of fun. Also, special thanks to Dave Moser, one
of the early MacCentral gang, who stuck with Stan through thick and thin, and was with him since the early stages of his business. He too shared warm memories of those early days. We would also like to extend a warm thanks to Jim Dalrymple for his help and support, and for getting the news of Stan’s passing out into the Mac world, when we had other arrangements to attend to. Jim was an old friend of Stan’s, who worked with him at the Chronicle Herald Newspaper in Halifax, NS, Canada. Later on, Stan hired Jim to join the rest of the MacCentral gang, making lots of memories himself. I understand that Ben Wilson was another of the gang. After Stan sold his business to Mac Publishing in June of 1999, Dave, Dennis, and Jim all went with him to what is now known as Macworld. Stan went on to create his latest venture, MacMinute, in May 2001.

Stan achieved many great things in his life. He had many admirable qualities, but what I admired most was his devotion to his family. He was always there for his family, to offer a helping hand, and unwavering support. He had many friends, but there were none so dear to him as his family. We all love him immensely, and miss him dearly. On Monday, April 14, 2008, the world lost a great soul, but heaven gained a gem! Many thanks!

Julie E (Flack) McKenna