Fort Worth, TX, April 8, 2008 — Comm-Unity Networking Systems releases a
public beta of its upcoming FTPit Pro plug-in for FileMaker Pro. This is a
complete rewrite of the Classic FileMaker 6 FTPit plug-in for FileMaker Pro
7 and above. With this plug-in you can transfer files to and from your
computer using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) all from within FileMaker
Pro. This beta is available immediately at for
both Mac OS X and Windows.


FTPit Pro is a FileMaker Pro 7+ plug-in that uses FTP to transfer files to
and from your computer. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3.9+ and any
version of Windows that FileMaker Pro 7+ runs on. Use it to upload static
web pages to a website, upload database backups to a offsite server,
download database upgrades from a centralized server, or write a complete
FTP client within FileMaker Pro itself. You can transfer text directly to
or from fields in your database, and you can upload files that reside in
container fields. Download a copy today to explore the many features of
this plug-in.

Pricing and Availability

The beta version is available immediately at
for both Mac OS X and Windows. During the beta period, there is a special
beta code available on the labs website to get a beta license key for the

If you find the plug-in useful, you can purchase it now for $65 (Single
User Price) and upgrade for free to the final version when it is released.
You will find a purchase link on the labs website.

If you own an existing license of Classic FTPit, you can upgrade for free
or for 50% to 25% off depending on the original purchase date of Classic