Thursby Software Releases Upgrades for ADmitMac, DAVE

ARLINGTON, TEXAS — April 4, 2008 — Thursby Software Systems, Inc.
(Thursby Software) announced today that it has released an upgrade of their
leading Apple Macintosh networking products.

ADmitMac provides a solution for connecting Macintosh systems into
Microsoft’s Windows networks. As well as providing networking stability
over that of Apple’s standard Leopard offering, ADmitMac provides more
advanced features including security, performance, Dfs, file compatibility,
and more complete Active Directory support.

Significant enhancements in ADmitMac v4.1 include an improved deployment
tool and completely rewritten Dfs module, which is smaller and faster than
the previous version.

The deployment tool allows ADmitMac to be installed on multiple systems
within the network from a single workstation using a common set of
installation parameters. This simplifies the installation process for
multi-license customers.

The newly enhanced Dfs module supports Microsoft’s Distributed File System
that allows shared folders to reside on multiple servers for load balancing
and data redundancy. To the Macintosh user utilizing ADmitMac, it appears
as a single shared folder on the server.

Concurrently, Thursby is also releasing DAVE v7.1 that includes the newly
enhanced Dfs module and the ability to configure volumes that mount at
login. DAVE allows a Macintosh to be a full participant in Microsoft
Windows networks without Active Directory.

Both ADmitMac v4.1 and DAVE v7.1 are compatible with Apple’s OS X v10.4
(Tiger) and v10.5 (Leopard). The new releases continue Thursby Software’s
history of providing both the first and most complete Macintosh to
Microsoft networking solutions.

These updates are available free of charge for customers with active
support agreements or those who purchased ADmitMac v4.0 or DAVE v7.0.
Customers with ADmitMac v3.x or DAVE v6.x can purchase an upgrade.

Thursby Software Systems, Inc. of Arlington, Texas, has been developing,
supporting and marketing a wide variety of connectivity solutions worldwide
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