Werck BV Announces Release of Checkout 2.0 Point of Sale for Mac

New version introduces credit card processing, multi-user capability, and
integration with popular accounting software

March 27, 2008 (Rockaway, NJ) – Werck BV today announced the international
release of Checkout 2.0, the total point of sale solution for small to
medium sized Mac-based stores. Werck is the joint venture between
development studio Sofa and small business-focused MYOB US.

Checkout 2.0 lets retailers process credit cards real-time, create and
manage purchase orders, have multi-user access to their store over a
network, and integrate their Checkout data with MYOB AccountEdge or
Intuit’s QuickBooks Pro for Mac. Checkout 2.0 runs on Mac OS X 10.4.10 or

“Checkout 2.0 is a powerful Point of Sale system with tons of new
customer-requested features, but what’s most gratifying is that we were
able to improve ease-of-use even further,” says Dirk Stoop, Partner, Werck
BV. “It’s a more mature product, and we stand by our mantra that you can
get a Mac, start a store, and be up and running in 15 minutes.”

Credit Card Processing
Checkout 2.0 users can now save time and money by processing credit card
payments directly from Checkout. Credit card processing is currently
available with an MYOB Merchant Account (available in the US only).

Store Sharing
With Store Sharing, Checkout 2.0 users now have the option to share their
store, using Checkout with multiple cash registers in the store front,
managing their store from their office, and dealing with inventory in the
stock room, all at the same time.

Stock Room
Checkout 2.0’s Stock Room lets the Checkout user create and manage purchase
orders, reorder stock, and oversee all vendor-related business.

“We’re happy to introduce Stock Room in Checkout 2.0,” says Werck partner
Hugo van Heuven. “Having the ability to create purchase orders in Checkout
was a big request from our customers.”

Works with Mac Accounting Software
Integration with MYOB AccountEdge and QuickBooks Pro for Mac lets Checkout
2.0 users export journal entries directly into their accounting software.

=46ree Upgrade
Checkout 2.0 is immediately available as a free upgrade for all Checkout
v1.x customers as a download from (http://checkoutapp.com).

All Checkout customers will now have access to English-language phone
support for their customer service and technical support needs. Information
on Checkout support plans can be found at (http://checkoutapp.com/support/).

Availability and Pricing
In the United States and Canada, Checkout 2.0 is sold as MYOB Checkout and
will be sold by MYOB US. MYOB Checkout 2.0 is available through Apple
resellers, on the web at (http://checkoutapp.com), and other online outlets
and mail order catalogs.

Internationally, Checkout 2.0 is available from Werck Sales BV at

Checkout 2.0 is priced at $399 / =A4329 for new users. More information can
be found on Checkout 2.0 at (http://checkoutapp.com), or by calling (877)

About Werck BV
Werck BV is a joint venture that combines Sofa’s dedication to developing
easy-to-use software with Acclivity’s experience servicing small
businesses. Werck develops, markets, and supports Checkout for Mac small
businesses around the world.

About Acclivity
Acclivity is the exclusive US republisher of the award-winning MYOB small
business accounting and management software line for Macintosh and Windows
platforms (http://myob-us.com). MYOB US also offers a portfolio of business
services that help small business owners to better serve the needs of their
customers, their employees, and themselves. MYOB US is a trading name of
Acclivity LLC under license from MYOB Technology Pty. Ltd., a subsidiary of
MYOB Limited, an Australian Stock Exchange listed company (ASX:MYO).

About Sofa
Beautiful, user-friendly software begets happy users. Sofa strives to
delight people with great interaction models and stunning interface design.