New Take Control ebook helps readers switch from a Windows PC to the Mac

Ithaca, NY USA (March 14, 2008) — The success of the iPhone, the
iPod, and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, all combined with the frustrations
experienced by Windows Vista users, have caused many Windows users to think
seriously about switching to the Macintosh. There’s never been a better
time to switch to the Mac, and here to help is “Take Control of Switching
to the Mac,” a concise electronic book that can be downloaded instantly,
read on a PC or Mac, and kept handy for quick browsing and searching
whenever a question arises. Written by cross-platform expert and
best-selling author Scott Knaster, who has worked at both Apple and
Microsoft, the 100-page ebook guides readers through every step along the
way: buying a Mac, setting up a Mac, moving files to a Mac, translating
Windows terminology to Macintosh proficiency, figuring out what software to
use on the Mac, networking, printing, and more, including a glossary of
common Mac terms. The ebook may be purchased for $10 at

Questions answered in the ebook include:

* What are the best features of the Mac for a Windows user?
* How do I move my documents, email, and Web bookmarks to a Mac?
* What’s the best way to move all my music, including my iTunes
library, to my new Mac?
* How do I update my Mac’s system software?
* How do I find files on my Mac?
* What keyboard shortcuts does the Mac use, and how can I customize them?
* Are there any gotchas when sharing files between Mac and Windows?

Take Control editor in chief Tonya Engst said, “With an
ever-increasing number of friends and relatives asking for opinions
and assistance about switching to the Mac, I’m thrilled that I can
point them to Scott’s book instead of spending hours talking them
through the basics.”

Book Details
“Take Control of Switching to a Mac” by Scott Knaster
PDF format, 100 pages, free 24-page sample available
Publication date: March 13, 2008
Price: $10
ISBN: 1-933671-04-1

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