Sproutit Mailroom Is First Help Desk With PayPal Support

SUNNYVALE, CA, February 26, 2008 – Sproutit, a Silicon Valley web based
start up providing web based support software, has added PayPal support
with Mailroom, its simple web-based help desk software for website email.
Mailroom is the first web-based help desk to integrate PayPal support,
enabling users to quickly reference purchases made using PayPal while
responding to customer emails.

“For a company to offer good customer support, you need to have as much
information about your customer as possible” Charles Jolley said, CEO of
Sproutit. “Integrating with PayPal just makes sense for a small business.
If you can have your customer’s purchase history available when you are
answering their email questions, then you are one step ahead of the game.”

Using PayPal’s open application programming interface (API), Sproutit will
tie incoming sales and support email addresses of customers to their
transactions with that vendor. The PayPal support feature will be made
available to current and new Mailroom accounts that subscribe to the $19
per month plan, and above.

PayPal, the global leader in online payment solutions with more than 164
million accounts worldwide, is currently used on over 100,000 websites, in
addition to the largest online auction site, eBay, to process payments.

Mailroom by Sproutit is a web-based email help desk application designed
specifically to help companies manage website email. Integrating with both
PayPal and Basecamp, Mailroom provides companies the most complete and
affordable help desk solution for website email.

Founded in 2005, Sunnyvale based Sproutit creates web-based help desk
software for website email. With thousands of clients, Sproutit caters to
web app companies, e-commerce websites, non-profits and political campaigns.