Dawn to Dusk Software is pleased to announce the release of QRecall
(http://www.qrecall.com/) version 1.0, available now at an introductory
price of $30.

QRecall is an advanced disk-to-disk backup and document archiving solution
developed exclusively for Mac OS X. QRecall uses powerful data matching
technology to provide the most space efficient backup solution available
today. Backup more and keep it longer, or just use less storage.

QRecall captures items incrementally, preserving successive versions of
each item. Timelines graphically display and navigate the history of items
in an archive. Rewind a QRecall archive to retrieve an earlier version of
any item. QRecall can capture a single file or an entire volume. Archives
can be stored on any volume including networked volumes, internal or
external hard drives, and USB thumb drives.

Flexible automation will schedule actions to occur daily, weekly, at fixed
intervals, when you log in or out, or when an external drive is connected.
You decide what to capture, when, and how long to keep it. The Capture
Assistant will help you create a complete backup solution just by answering
a few questions.

QRecall differs from other backup programs because it doesn’t copy whole
files; It captures data. QRecall breaks files into small blocks of data,
then adds only the data that actually changed. QRecall stores only a single
copy of any unique data block, no matter how many files contain that same
block. Traditional backup programs copy entire files whenever they change,
filling the backup storage with gigabytes of duplicate information.

Archives employ interlocking data integrity checks, ensuring that all items
stored in an archive are safe, valid, and undamaged.

QRecall can be downloaded now at (http://www.qrecall.com/download/).
QRecall identity keys are available for limited time for only $30, 25% off
the regular price of $40. A generous family license permits a single key to
protect all of the computers in a household. Free trial keys are available
for evaluation. QRecall requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later.