Vvidget: 64-Bit Graphing Applications and Xcode Interface Builder Plugin

February 15, 2008

VVI today announced version 10.5.0 release of Vvidget and once again leads
the way with advanced features only available from VVI including:

– 64-Bit Vvidget Builder: Few people actually need a 64-bit graphing
application, but for those that do (or for those that simply have the
appetite for power!) the first 64-bit graphing app has been born and

– Hardware Accelerated: Vvidget uses the latest hardware-accelerated
graphics techniques for the fastest graphing possible and without
sacrificing features.

– Direct Database Access: Access corporate data directly from Vvidget
Builder without programming and animate it to see how your data evolves
through time.

– State-Of-The-Art Graphing Server: With all of the features in version
10.5, including 64-bit process image, Vvidget Server is a powerful graphing
server capable of responding to vast amounts of requests with asynchronous
processing to take advantage of multi-core computers and up to terabytes
worth of state information.

– Comprehensive Integration: Interface Builder 3.0 plugin for easy
drag-and-drop Cocoa-based graphing for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

– Four-Way Frameworks: Vvidget Pro includes frameworks for 64-bit and
32-bit PPC and Intel architectures for the most advanced graphing and data
visualization framework conceived.

Tens of thousands of Mac users have downloaded Vvidget, making it one of
the most popular point-and-click graphing solutions for Mac OS X. That same
software is used to automate graphs for desktop applications, dashboard
widgets and web sites. Vvidget has been used for years by Mac independent
software vendors, corporate developers and technical professionals because
it is easy to use, integrates seamlessly with the application development
tools provided with Mac OS X, is widely available with free download of the
base system and can be combined and redistributed with developer’s own

Pricing And Availability:

The Vvidget Builder GUI tool is free and can be downloaded at http://
www.vvidget.org. To automate graphs for desktop applications and dashboard
widgets, Vvidget Code can now be purchased online for Commercial Use ($189)
or Educational Use ($79) which includes the new Interface Builder plugin.

For additional information please see:


About VVI: VVI is a privately held corporation founded in 1989. VVI’s
customers are world-leading companies in the banking, biotechnology,
chemical, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.
Systems that VVI helped build have been operational for years and at this
time are monitoring billions of dollars worth of products in real time and
on a global scale. These systems are, in part, based on VVI’s Vvidget Pro
and Peer Visual products.