Web Help Desk – No Assembly Required!
A sneak peek at Version 9.0

Fremont California – February 8th 2008

Setting up a help desk system has never been easier and with revolutionary
new features set to release in Web Help Desk’s version 9.0 software Q2 of
2008, you’ve never been closer to a perfect help desk application!

“Change Management with a robust, dynamic Approval Workflow and 3rd party
Asset Discovery integration are huge additions to our framework,” says Vice
President of Sales and Marketing, Terry Siddall. “As the ITIL framework is
required more and more worldwide and the reliance of IT as the backbone of
an organization increases, Web Help Desk continues to be one of the most
aggressively developed solutions in the industry.”

Web Help Desk already offers a full suite of standard functions including;
a 100% web based interface that is completely cross platform, one step
connectivity with most database systems, intelligent business workflow for
auto-assignment of tickets, LDAP synchronization, powerful customized
reporting, 2-way email correspondence, automated SLA email reminders and
ticket updates, built in knowledge base systems and even a fully integrated
parts & billing feature.

An added benefit to the Web Help Desk is that it always comes feature
complete, so there’s no need to research or purchase different modules.
Installation is a quick and easy process and the support & development
staff are top notch. A fully functional server demo can be downloaded from
the Web Help Desk website for free, or simply explore the sample online
demonstration environment. Grab a copy today and see why so many
organizations around the world have already switched to Web Help Desk!

Web Help Desk is a powerful and proven web based application developed by
MacsDesign Studio LLC, a company with a decade of experience in the help
desk industry. Featured organizations using Web Help Desk right now
include, Apple Inc., Time Warner, NASA, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Gold’s
Gym, FileMaker, a vast array of EDU’s worldwide (K12 to Higher Education)
and the United States Armed Forces.

About MacsDesign Studio LLC: Founded in 1998 and based in Fremont,
California, MacsDesign Studio LLC is comprised of web application
developers specializing in Java enterprise web applications. More
information regarding MacsDesign Studio, LLC can be found at