Put YouTube on your iPod

Gridlock LLC announced today the release of Tooble, a free application for
the Mac which puts YouTube videos on iPods.

Tooble is a new application which allows users to quickly and easily take
any video from the phenomenally popular video sharing site, YouTube, and
download it for playing on video iPods, iPhones, or Apple TVs. Tooble’s
simple interface makes it easy to browse and search YouTube for content and
then with one click automatically download the video, convert it to MP4,
and then automatically imports it to iTunes for syncing with iPod, iPhone
or Apple TV. The program is available to download for free at
(http://tooble.tv). Tooble is completely free, clean of spyware, adware,
malware or viruses.

Tooble is different from other flash video download applications because it
takes advantage of Googles gData and the YouTube API to communicate
directly with YouTube. That being the case, in addition to being able to
browse and search the general YouTube catalog tooble also gives users
access to Favorites saved in a YouTube Account.

By far the most unique aspect of Tooble is that it was developed by 17 year
old Jesse T Youngblood, a senior at the Connecticut private high school
Cheshire Academy. Since Bill Piedra of Gridlock LLC approached him to
develop Tooble, Jesse has written and maintained Tooble’s ten thousand
lines of code on his own. Presently, Tooble is an application for the Mac
only. A team of programmers lead by Alex Catullo, another Cheshire Academy
senior, is working to develop a Windows version. Jesse, Bill, the Windows
team and Susan Heintz, the students’ computer teacher, will be manning
booth S-1338 at the MacWorld Expo, distributing copies of the application
during its debut.

An upgraded version of the program which works with other popular flash
video sites such as MetaCafe is slated to be released later this year, and
will be sold for a small fee but the version to download from YouTube will
always be free.

About Gridlock LLC

Gridlock LLC is a startup software company which wants to create quality
software and deliver it to as many people as possible for free. Gridlock
pools the resources of brilliant talent to produce unique applications with
the goal of offering the most useful, user-friendly and unique experience
to users all over the world.