WaterField Designs has introduced a new laptop SleeveCase made specifically for the new MacBook Air. The new SleeveCase is a slim, durable covering made of a sturdy ballistic nylon shell and a high-grade neoprene interior that is customized to the MacBook Air dimensions for a snug fit. Available in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, users can easily retrieve their laptop from a briefcase, messenger bag, or backpack without removing the sleeve itself. Alternatively, they can opt to add a strap to the sleeve and use it as a stand-alone case. Other options include a front flap for added protection and the “Piggyback,” a detachable gear holder for accessories. The new SleeveCase size 13-2 for the MacBook Air ships Friday, January 25, priced at US$39. Optional accessories for the MacBook Air SleeveCase include: adding a front flap ($15), a suspension shoulder strap and D-rings ($18), the Piggyback ($22).