Fastforward releases Meander 1.2, route planning software for Mac

SHEFFIELD, UK — January 4, 2008 — Fastforward Software today released
Meander 1.2, an update to the route planning application for Mac OS X. The
update enables users to define custom measurements, fixes several bugs and
also includes an improved Preferences window.

The Meander 1.2 update is free to all registered users, and may be
downloaded here:


Meander 1.2 features the following improvements and changes: — Preferences
window reorganised, uses toolbar and unified toolbar/window look.

— Allows new units to be specified by user.

— Fixes problem with Route Browser not clearing previous route properly.

— Fixes problem with ‘Place Distance Markers’ feature – corresponding
‘Remove’ menu item was not being activated properly.

Meander lets users plot points, plan routes and measure distances using any
map, including maps you’ve scanned into your computer or those you’ve found
on Google Maps or other websites. You can save your routes for later, keep
a journal and export or print your routes to share with your family and

Meander costs $19.95, requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later, and is a Universal
Binary application. Meander is available in English and French.

Fastforward Software is a publisher of software and games for Mac OS X,
based in the UK. Fastforward has distributed a full range of products for
the Macintosh since 2006. Unregistered versions of Fastforward’s products
can be obtained from Fastforward’s website, (