Azure Talon releases Exces 1.1

11 December 2007 — Azure Talon today announced the release of version 1.2
of Exces, its popular file encryption software.

What is Exces?

Exces is a tool that lets the users create password-protected vaults. The
ease of use and the attractive interface are Exces’ key features. Each
vault is protected using the same encryption algorithm Apple uses for
FileVault – AES 128. Exces features a password assistant, to help choose
strong passwords. Exces now also has a shrink vault feature, which lets you
easily shrink a vault to the minimum possible disk space.

What Version 1.2 Brings

Version 1.2 brings many new features and bug fixes. For example, there is
now a shrink feature and unlimited storage. Overall, Exces is now more
stable and more secure than ever!

Exces is shareware. It is available from the Azure Talon web site (See link
at bottom of page) for $14.95 USD.

System Requirements: Any Apple Macintosh or other computer running Mac OS X
10.4.3 and higher.

Review License

Review license are available on request and for free to any news site or
blog. Please contact us at ( if you’re
interested in a review license.

What Other People Have Said About Exces

“I’ve always needed a place to keep my work invoices and logs out of the
way of prying eyes and fingers. Exces has fulfilled that need. I can open
the Vault file, and there are my files, As easy to access as having them
straight in the Finder.” – Malcolm Jarvis


Exces 1.2 is available now, and may be downloaded through our Web site at