Avot Media has developed Avot mV, which allows iPhone users to quickly find
and view any web-based video on their iPhone. Avot mV was recently added to
the Apple web site as a staff picked application.

Avot mV has no limits on video selection, no transcoding process and almost
no latency. iPhone users are able to watch television-quality playback in
near-real time. The Avot mV service works across mobile carriers with
high-speed data networks and Wi-Fi. The Avot mV service is free but it does
require users to have a data plan with their cell phone carrier and pay
related data-traffic fees. In addition to supporting the iPhone, Avot mV
also currently supports Windows Mobile, Motorola RAZR and Samsung/LG mobile

To try Avot vM from an iPhone enter http://avotmv.com on your iPhone browser.