NICKENICH, Germany (December 12, 2007) — Monkeybread Software releases
version 3.0 of the application Combine PDFs.

Combine PDFs is a utility which allows you to merge PDF and image
(jpg,tiff,etc.) into one PDF file.

Combine PDFs v3.0 is made with REALbasic from REAL Software, Inc.

Requires Mac OS X; source code is included.

This application shows REALbasic developers how to use the CoreGraphics
PDF classes to create new PDF and embed pages from other PDF files.

The application is freeware, but contributions are accepted through

Changes in version 3.0:
* Added menu option to add an empty page. Empty pages can only be added
if a page is already there as the size of the selected or the first
page is takes for new empty page.
* Added “Sort pages better” menu entry which will handle the file
numbers better. e.g. “test 303” will be sorted after “test 4”.
* Added Donate button which brings you to the website. This application
is not shareware as the source code is provided. But still I expect
users to honor the work with a donation.
* The open file dialog shows all files and allows you to select more
than just one file.
* Open file dialog now shows invisible files if you press the option key
while the dialog opens.
* Added Preview button to show a preview of the current selected image
or pdf page. With rotation.
* JPEG and PNG images are no longer recompressed when being added to a
PDF file.
* Now universal binary.
* Updated to REALbasic 2007r5 and MBS REALbasic Plugins 7.8.

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