On the eve of Release to Manufacturing (RTM), the Mac BU is giving you a
final peek into the new Office 2008 for Mac before it officially launches
at Macworld. This last sneak preview provides a look at the Excel 2008
improvements that cater to spreadsheet novices and experts alike with
helpful new formula tools and a significantly increased grid workspace.

Excel 2008

* Formula Builder: Another great tool to help all Excel users tap into the
power of this application is Formula Builder. Found in the updated Excel
2008 Toolbox, Formula Builder walks users through the steps needed to
create the perfect formula for any occasion.

* Formula AutoComplete: And for those who are a little further along on the
Excel proficiency continuum, Formula AutoComplete is on the scene. Simply
start by typing the first part of a formula in the Formula Bar, and a
dynamic drop-down menu of functions and names appears — with the most
recent ones at the top. Select an item to insert from the list and let the
computations begin.

* Increased Rows and Columns: As part of Mac BU’s ongoing efforts to
satisfy power users while enhancing the everyday user experience, Excel
2008 introduces increased rows and columns. This expansion matches the
Windows Office System 2007, so all Excel spreadsheet users on Macs and PCs
will have access to up to 16,000 columns and more than 1 million rows which
is truly a “Big Grid”!

Please let me know if you have any questions and to review the features
above visit the Sneak Peek site at (http://www.macoffice2008.com).