Eggplant 4.01 turns testing on its head to handle FLASH testing with ease

New York, USA — December 5, 2007 — Redstone Software Inc, makers of
Eggplant, the industry leading automation and testing product, announces
rapid growth in the testing of Flash applications.

According to Adobe, Adobe Flash Player is “installed on over 750 million
Internet-connected desktops and mobile devices” and has become a pervasive
communication tool. However, the main way in which people have been able to
test applications created to date is through manual testing – until now.

Adobe Flash is a ubiquitous technology of huge and growing importance
across the world because it allows the creation of the all important rich
web experiences users have come to expect. It is frequently embraced by
anyone who wants to create highly portable, visually rich and easy to use
applications. Advances in the technology have seen it become one of the
development environments of choice for mobile and desktop applications.
Uses include display of web page video clips, web deployable software and
creation of demos and tutorials.

While Adobe Flash applications are easy to use they are hard to test
because there is no system level or programmatic access to applications
written in Flash. This creates a quandary for Flash application developers.
Users expect a rich, easy to use and error free experience meaning it needs
testing perhaps more than most applications. However this is often costly,
time consuming and manually intensive. Trying to effectively address this
issue is something that many companies have struggled with for years.

Redstone’s customers chose Eggplant as a tool for testing the previously
un-testable. Eggplant’s user-oriented approach makes testing Flash
applications easy. Eggplant’s ability to work across multiple operating
systems and browsers means that Flash applications can be developed,
deployed and tested in all its various forms of deployment. Eggplant is
also being used to test Flash applications running on mobile phones such as
Symbian and Windows CE/Smartphone based systems.

“We didn’t design Eggplant to test Flash specifically. We designed it to
test or automate anything but especially the all important user experience.
Anyone that has an issue testing their Flash applications or tests them
manually, such as online games, website and web deployed applications
developers, now have an easy way to cut the cost of testing,” explains
Christopher Young, Managing Director, Redstone Software. He went on to say,
“Eggplant turns testing on its head. Where other tools struggle Eggplant
excels. The ability to test Flash applications with ease is a huge win for
us and our customers love it!”

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