KavaSoft releases KavaTunes, the web jukebox for iTunes

November 30, 2007 – KavaSoft today released KavaTunes, the web jukebox for
iTunes. KavaTunes makes websites that look and work just like iTunes, so
you can browse, search and play your music from any web browser. KavaTunes
features continuous playback, so you can queue up an album or playlist and
listen to one song after another.

KavaTunes can add album artwork to your music library, and includes artwork
in the catalog. KavaTunes can also create web catalogs that look and work
just like an iPod. Visitors can browse and play your music using the
familiar iPod clickwheel interface.

Your web catalog is a great way to introduce everyone to your favorite
music. Your personalized home page shows your most played artists, recently
added albums, recently played songs, and top rated albums. Visitors can
then click on the music they like, listen to it online, and buy it directly
from the iTunes Store.

KavaTunes costs $35, and can be purchased using PayPal or Kagi. You can try
all the features of KavaTunes on part of your library for free.

KavaSoft also announced KavaServices and released new versions of Shoebox,
iConquer, HyperImage and Curator. More information is available on the
all-new KavaSoft website.