The Mac BU is giving you several reasons to be thankful during this special
time of year. One more Sneak Peek site update results in four more ways to
simplify your work with Office 2008 for Mac. Both Entourage 2008 and
PowerPoint 2008 pack a powerful punch with several new feature
enhancements, including:

Entourage 2008

* Improved Calendar User Interface: New color-coded categories, status
indicators and flexible To-Do list management help keep schedules under
control. Customizable toolbar capabilities also further enhance the user

PowerPoint 2008

* Dynamic Guides: With this new function, users can quickly and easily
align text and graphics for a crisp, clean slide design.

* Improved Presenter Tools: This Mac-only feature has significantly
improved since its PowerPoint 2004 debut now offering greater control over
timing and pacing, including the addition of a digital clock along with the
ability to start, stop, and reset the timer.

* Thumbnail View: This condensed view makes it easier to create design
consistency and better coordinate the flow of PowerPoint 2008 slides.
Fully-rendered thumbnails and dynamic thumbnails now allow users to
visualize presentation slide flows and changes during the editing process.

Visit the Mac BU’s Sneak Peek site at ( for a
visual walkthrough on how to put these great tools to productive use. More
feature updates are still to come later this month.