Ettore Software is happy to announce the release of version 3.2 of
TypeIt4Me, the original text expander software for Mac OS since 1989.

Apart from fixing a number of bugs and sporting a re-designed Settings tab,
this release adds a number of new features, including:

* sorting by date created, modified and last used;
* sorting by number of times an abbreviation has been expanded;
* automatic replacement of ” (double quotes) with “smart” quotes;
* prevention of unwanted DOuble CAps;
* easier creation of Applescript clippings;
* usage statistics showing you the number of keystrokes saved and your
personal average WPM (Words Per Minute) typing speed.

Meanwhile, Ettore Software’s founder & CTO/CEO, Riccardo Ettore – a veteran
Mac developer since 1984 – is already working on a new release with a major
new feature to be revealed at next January’s Macworld show in San Francisco.

For detailed release notes go to:

Click to access TypeIt4Me3.2.pdf

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