The Mac BU wants to hook you up with two substantial Halloween treats! It’s
time to sneak another peek at the user-friendly features available in
Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac. Your documents and presentations will have
the chance to shine with Office 2008 shortcuts to polished designs and

* New Templates, Themes & Styles: Word 2008 and PowerPoint 2008 offer easy
style options to create fresh, great-looking documents with a single mouse
click. Dozens of new Template designs help users make a statement and get
their work noticed. Modern, suite-wide Themes and Styles also help users
consistently apply a professional look and feel to their documents and

The Mac BU is also pleased to announce that an update to the public beta of
Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client for Mac 2.0 will be up for
grabs from Mactopia later today. After receiving valuable feedback during
round one of testing, the Mac BU was able to address a number of important
issues in this latest version.

The updated beta improvements include:

* Multiple Sessions Improvement — Due to popular demand, the File menu has
been redesigned to allow for the launch of multiple Remote Desktop
Connection sessions from the menu.

* File Based Connection Management — Remote Desktop Connection now manages
all connection settings using connection files.

* Vista Network Level Authentication – Network Level Authentication (NLA)
is a new authentication method in Windows Vista that completes user
authentication before users establish a full Remote Desktop Connection and
the logon screen appears. This method offers security enhancements that can
help to protect the remote computer from hackers and malicious software.

* Auto-Reconnect — Auto-reconnect allows the Remote Desktop Connection
Client for Mac to automatically reconnect to the Windows-based computer if
the network connection to the remote session is broken.

* Wide Screen Support — Remote Desktop Connection now supports screen
sizes for wide-screen display.

Feel free to send Mac BU your RDC 2.0 feedback via the RDC Connect site
( And visit the Mac BU’s Sneak Peek
site ( to check out the latest update and to
discover more and more ways that Office 2008 for Mac will simplify your
work by providing fresh features at your fingertips for visually impressive