Take Control Books Releases Five Leopard Ebooks

Ithaca, NY USA (October 26, 2007) — In conjunction with the launch of
Leopard, Take Control Books has announced that Leopard editions of five of
their most popular electronic books are now available. Together, these
ebooks help Mac users install Leopard successfully, customize its new and
revamped features, share files more elegantly than was possible in Tiger,
manage fonts effectively, and much more. The ebooks are available
individually or in discounted bundles, and owners of previous editions
receive a discount. Free samples and print versions are also available.
Learn more at http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/

* “Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard,” by Joe Kissell, shows readers the
best ways to install, clean up after installation, troubleshoot problems,
and even downgrade if necessary. 125 pages, $10

* “Take Control of Customizing Leopard,” by Matt Neuburg, provides a tour
of new and revamped features in Leopard, including Time Machine, Spaces,
Quick Look, Cover Flow, and the Path Bar. 138 pages, $10

* “Take Control of Users & Accounts in Leopard,” by Kirk McElhearn,
explains different types of accounts in Leopard, how to share files between
accounts, and what can be limited with new features in Leopard’s parental
controls. 88 pages, $10 http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/leopard-users.html

* “Take Control of Sharing Files in Leopard,” by Glenn Fleishman, makes
file sharing easy between two Macs, among a mixed-platform office
workgroup, a home network, or between far-flung computers on the Internet.
89 pages, $10

* “Take Control of Fonts in Leopard,” by Sharon Zardetto, explains
everything Mac users need to know about fonts in Mac OS X and what has
changed with Leopard, with a focus on Leopard’s new and updated fonts, font
activation capabilities, font previewing, and font sample printing. 217
pages, $15

Adam Engst, publisher of Take Control Books, said, “We’ve been working long
hours with the pre-release versions of Leopard to ready these books for
simultaneous release with Leopard because Mac users shouldn’t have to wait
for professional-quality documentation.”

Customers can save 25% by purchasing “Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard”
with “Take Control of Customizing Leopard.” All five ebooks may be
purchased together at a 30% discount.

For review copies, interview requests, or excerpts to publish, just drop us
a line!

About Take Control Books:

The Take Control series is published by TidBITS Publishing Inc. TidBITS
co-founders Adam and Tonya Engst have been publishing highly regarded news
and editorial since 1990 when they created the online newsletter TidBITS,
which covers Macintosh- and Internet-related topics. The Take Control
series has helped many thousands of readers with high-quality, timely,
real-world, cost-effective documentation since 2003. To learn more, visit
the FAQ at http://www.takecontrolbooks.com/faq.html