October 22nd – Sydney, Australia – LithiumCorp Pty Ltd has released the
most significant version of it’s Network, Server and Storage Monitoring
Software for Mac OS X since its debug and has announced that significant
portions of Lithium are to be release under a Non- GPL open-source license.

Lithium 4.9, released today, brings in-depth Xsan Monitoring, a refined
User Interface and vast improvements in setup and usability to the product
that is redefining how network and server administrators monitor their
infrastructure — especially in the Apple Pro-Video, Pro-Audio, Educational
and Enterprise markets. Lithium 4.9 is now available for sale from
LithiumCorp’s online store from $399USD and is also available through it’s
newly formed network of resellers and distributors world-wide.

As a commitment to third-party and community development of monitoring
modules for Lithium, LithiumCorp has today announced that it will be
releasing the source-code for all SNMP-based monitoring modules under a
Non-GPL open-source license. This means that third- parties will be free to
customize and build modules for Lithium and sell them commercially as
closed or open source or make them freely available to the community.

Lithium combines unparalleled network device, server and storage appliance
monitoring with a stunning user-interface to deliver an enterprise-grade
monitoring solution for administrators who prefer to use Mac OS X.

The addition of Xsan Monitoring makes Lithium the only third-party
monitoring solution to provide comprehensive monitoring support for Apple’s
range of Server and Storage products as well as SNMP monitoring support for
servers, routers, switches, firewalls and virtually any other
network-attached device that supports being monitored using SNMP.

To celebrate the release, LithiumCorp is offering competitive cross- grade
price discounts where LithiumCorp will match the renewal or original
purchase price of a comparable product from a competitor. Organizations
with an existing commercial network monitoring setup can switch to Lithium
now for the same cost as renewing the license for their current setup.
(Subject to terms and conditions and final approval by LithiumCorp)

LithiumCorp’s founder and CEO remarked “This is, without a doubt, our most
complete and considered software release yet. The time pressures of
integrating Xserve and Xserve RAID monitoring support in previous version
lead to what I would describe as a clunky user experience. Whilst Lithium
looked pretty, the install and setup of Lithium was not pretty.”
“We’ve taken our time with Lithium 4.9 to ensure we deliver a polished
user-experience from download right through to setup, use and maintenance.
This version of Lithium is accessible to any network or server
administrator. Whether you have a Mac-centric network to monitor or want to
monitor your network using a Mac, I believe you’ll find this version of
Lithium incredible.”

The choice to go Non-GPL

Quoting LithiumCorp’s CEO and Founder James Wilson: “Our decision to go
with a Non-GPL license for what is about to become open-source portions of
the source-code for Lithium is motivated by a desire to open the door for
both closed source and open source third party development of modules for

I do not feel it necessary nor in the best interests of the community to
mandate what our partners and user community does with portions of our
software we decide to make openly available to them.

We have decided to share this knowledge to pave the way for customisation
of Lithium. Now it’s over to our end-users, partners and third-parties to
make of this what they will to better Lithium and to do it their way.”

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