Mac users can prepare for Leopard with “Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard”

Ithaca, NY USA (October 17, 2007) — Cutting edge Mac users can avail
themselves of expert advice as they prepare for October 26th, the date that
Apple has announced for the release of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. In the $10
“Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard: Early-Bird Edition,” author Joe
Kissell walks readers through evaluating if their current Macs will run
Leopard well, how to make a useful backup in case of installation problems,
smart ways to clear disk clutter and unnecessary files, and whether they
should rethink their partitioning scheme. Also included is a 5-page
appendix loaded with direct links to backup programs, maintenance
utilities, and hardware drivers. Learn more at

Readers will have immediate access to the full version of “Take Control of
Upgrading to Leopard” as soon as Apple begins selling Leopard. The full
version will walk readers through the Leopard installation process, cover
how to test a fresh Leopard installation, and explain how to clean up loose
ends and troubleshoot problems after installation.

Reader Jackie Chappell said of a previous edition, “Whether you are an
experienced Mac geek or a newbie, this book will make the whole
installation process a lot less nail-biting.” And reader Jon Rosen
concurred, saying “‘Take Control of Upgrading to Tiger’ truly was a

Customers can save 25% by purchasing “Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard”
in a bundle with Matt Neuburg’s “Take Control of Customizing Leopard,”
which provides step-by-step guidance for setting up and getting started
with Leopard, with a special look at new features, such as Spaces and Time
Machine. “Take Control of Customizing Leopard” can be pre-ordered now; the
content will be available when Leopard is released.

“Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard” is the latest edition of the
flagship ebook that launched the Take Control series in 2003 when Mac OS X
10.3 Panther was released. Since then, the Take Control series has
continued to pioneer in the field of electronic publishing with timely
information about Macintosh-related topics.

Book Details:
“Take Control of Upgrading to Leopard: Early-Bird Edition” by Joe Kissell
PDF format, 60 pages (early-bird version) 100+ pages (full version),
free sample available
Publication date: October 16, 2007
Ebook Price: $10

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