WebsiteAlive Innovates, Mac Users Rejoice!

Houston, TX — WebsiteAlive, a leading live chat software provider
announced its latest version of AliveChat 4 is fully compatible with Apple
Mac OS/X. Now, Mac users can run live chat for sales and support straight
from their Safari browser.

The AliveChat Mac Component — an industry first, allows users to run
AliveChat from the Mac OS/X Dock. This component allows users to run
AliveChat without logging in from’s web site.

WebsiteAlive CEO and Founder Dustin Yu stated, “In the past 2 years we’ve
seen an explosion of MacBooks, iPods, iPhones, and various devices as Apple
continues to gain market share simultaneously in multiple markets. Many
Apple users I’ve spoken to constantly tell me they feel underserved when it
comes to software availability. Everything is made for PCs, and any attempt
for a Mac version has resulted in an unusable, feature lacking app. In the
very beginning of WebsiteAlive, we opted for an entirely web-based platform
when the competition was developing for Windows only (with Windows
Executables). Now, we have a full, feature-rich web application which
leverages the latest in AJAX technology to give the user an experience
which rivals desktop software, and at the same time is compatible across
all browser and operating systems (such as IE, Safari, Firefox, Mac,
Windows, and Linux). It’s a full-fledged core application, not a web-based
piece made separately. Now, almost anyone can connect to AliveChat without
installing a single program on their computer.”

Cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility not only ensures that your
sales and support team can use the computer of their choice, but so can
your customers. This translates to more sales and wider support

About WebsiteAlive

WebsiteAlive is a live chat support solution which provides an instant,
real time communication platform via chat between company support
representatives and their customers. AliveChat works on any computer with a
standard web browser and internet connection to reduce support costs, phone
calls, and increase customer satisfaction. For more information about
WebsiteAlive, please visit