iFixit has disassembled Apple’s new iPod Touch and posted internal photos
online. While the iPod touch looks a lot like the iPhone, it has a
surprising number of internal differences. The online disassembly is
available immediately:


The disassembly examines Apple’s hardware design in detail, reveals their
choice in component manufacturers, and clearly shows their elegant
industrial design. Some information our disassembly revealed:

* Apple made the display more easily removable than the iPhone, and
attached it with Phillips screws instead of strong adhesive. This will
significantly enhance the maintainability of the iPod Touch by reducing the
cost of LCD repairs.

* The new iPod’s battery is 81% of the volume of the iPhone.

* The iPod Touch has a Wolfson audio chip.

* The multi-touch display uses glass, just like the iPhone.

iFixit plans to sell parts for the iPod Touch, just as we sell parts for
iPods, iPhones, and Apple portables. This first look at Apple’s new iPod
continues our commitment to enable anyone to disassemble and repair their
mobile devices.

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