September14th, 2007 — Sebastapool, CA — SoftRAID LLC announces the
release and immediate shipment of SoftRAID 3.6.4.

SoftRAID 3.6.4 is a minor update to the SoftRAID 3.6.3 software RAID

This version of SoftRAID fully supports startup volumes under Leopard, the
forthcoming major update of Mac OS X. Users will be able to migrate
SoftRAID volumes to Leopard machines, update their SoftRAID boot volumes to
Leopard, and install Leopard onto SoftRAID volumes seamlessly.

“SoftRAID worked very hard with Apple engineers to make SoftRAID boot
reliably under Leopard”, said Timothy Standing, Vice President of
Engineering at SoftRAID, “We are very pleased to release a fully bootable
version of SoftRAID before Leopard actually ships, which is expected to be
later this year.”

For more information about SoftRAID 3.6.4, and for review copies, contact
us at

The SoftRAID 3.6.4 release is a free electronic upgrade to all 3.x owners.
The SoftRAID 3.6.4 electronic download is $129 and the retail CD is $149,
both available from the SoftRAID website and retail outlets worldwide.

All registered users will receive a free upgrade via email.

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About SoftRAID, LLC.

SoftRAID, LLC is headquartered in Sebastapol, California, and has dedicated
itself to developing high quality applications for Mac OS.