WeSquare Launches Innovative Time Management TOOL

Web-based timer & billing service for people selling expertise

Hong Kong — September 10, 2007 — Today, WeSquare announced the launch of
its online application for firms and individuals selling their expertise
based on time. WeSquare gives America’s more than 25 million small
businesses a secure, cost-effective and easy to use tool to facilitate
delivering services and billing clients.

WeSquare’s timer monitors the period during which a service is provided,
calculates the fees, and automatically bills through PayPal. The service
provider and client maintain equal control of the transaction, having
agreed to terms and fees before starting the service. WeSquare works with
services that are delivered by telephone or using instant message systems
such as GoogleTalk, AIM, or Skype. The client or seller can stop the
transaction at any time during the session, with no penalties.

“WeSquare is designed for companies and individuals selling services such
as translation, tutoring, legal advice or even fortune telling,” said
WeSquare founder and CEO Kin-Tai Chan. “As the software is Web-based,
anyone with a computer can utilize WeSquare’s services.”

WeSquare has numerous advantages for buyers and sellers of timed services,
including instant refunds and commission that is a one-time fee of 10
percent, with no Value Added Tax or additional charges. WeSquare requires
no downloads, installations or software upgrades and works on Macs and PCs.

WeSquare is entirely secure; PayPal manages and facilitates all billing.
WeSquare does not maintain any customer financial data to ensure user
safety and data security.

About WeSquare

WeSquare was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing novel Web-based
products for the global marketplace. This system, which provides buyers and
sellers the ability to manage hourly service fees via web-based online
instant messaging software, provides businesses and professionals the
ability to work expediently and efficiently with any client worldwide.
Current clients include fee-based customer service providers, teachers,
lawyers, consultants, advisors, artists, entertainers and fortune-tellers.

For more information, visit (http://www.wesquare.com/).