Group Logic Releases MassTransit 5.1

New Features Further Empower Users and IT to Capture Strategic Business
Value through Enterprise File Transfer

September 10, 2007 ( Arlington , VA) – Group Logic, the leading provider of
enterprise file transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions today
announced the immediate availability of MassTransit 5.1. The new version
includes nearly two-dozen new features designed to empower users through
improved ease-of-use, visibility and automation. It also delivers the first
phase of integration with enterprise security architectures through support
for Active Directory. The complete 5.1 feature set reinforces MassTransit’s
unique position as the only enterprise software solution proven to
transform digital file transfers into strategic business processes.

MassTransit 5.1 makes it even easier for untrained users to successfully
send large folders. Support for Active Directory-based passwords and Single
Sign On (SSO) enable users to quickly and easily access the product’s web
browser-based file transfer client. Version 5.1’s comprehensive Web Client
compatibility – including support for Intel Macs, Vista, Internet Explorer
7 and Firefox 2.0 – insures users can benefit from MassTransit regardless
of browser or operating system.

Version 5.1 extends the product’s unique notification, logging and tracking
features by providing notification through SMS text messages – allowing any
user with a cell phone to be instantly informed of key file transfer
events. MassTransit also extends access to its web-based log allowing any
Active Directory-based user to access and search file transfer histories.
With this enhancement, timely file delivery information is more easily
available to everyone who needs it to ensure business objectives are met.

Version 5.1 also enhances MassTransit’s workflow automation and integration
tools. New Actions are provided for automatically moving files in transit,
which increases customers’ ability to eliminate manual work. Other new
Actions allow for scripts to be triggered from virtually any language,
further providing for custom automation and insuring that file transfer
workflows can handle the most demanding volumes without negatively
impacting users productivity.

“To gain strategic value from digital file transfer business processes,
enterprises must enable users to quickly, easily and automatically move
files wherever they need to go – and to tightly monitor and manage the
delivery process to ensure the job gets done. ” said Andy Lewis , Senior
Vice President of Sales, Group Logic. “MassTransit is the most powerful
solution for getting this done at an enterprise level – and the new release
reinforces this by improving all the features that empower users to use
digital file transfer business processes for their organization’s benefit.”

The product’s integration with Active Directory is a highlight of the new
release that builds on MassTransit’s unique, enterprise capabilities. The
MassTransit product roadmap includes tight integration with the technology
and Version 5.1 delivers the roadmap’s first phase, allowing MassTransit
accounts to be linked to Active Directory for password and account

“Securing customer’s data in transit is absolutely critical in today’s
business environment,” said Lewis, “MassTransit 5.1’s integration with
Active Directory offers increased security to customers exchanging files on
the Internet and it allows enterprises to gain more from their investments
in Active Directory-based architectures when deploying MassTransit. As the
first step in our Active Directory integration plan, the feature highlights
our commitment to solutions that deliver strategic value at the enterprise

MassTransit 5.1 is available immediately and is a free update available to
all licensed MassTransit 5.0 users that have an active support contract.
For details on all of the new features, information on upgrading or
purchasing MassTransit, please visit Group Logic’s Web site at Upgrades can also be purchased by contacting Group
Logic directly at or by calling +1.703.528.1555 or

About Group Logic

Group Logic is the leading provider of network software solutions that
enable customers to gain strategic value, increase productivity and
leverage existing infrastructure investments through enterprise file
transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions. With nearly 20 years of
unmatched experience, GroupLogic’s emphasis on customer success is the very
core of its business. More than 2,000 customers trust Group Logic every day
to move and share their files around the world.

Group Logic offers two complementary product lines:

* MassTransit Product Line: Enterprise software solution proven to
transform digital file transfers into strategic business processes.
MassTransit increases productivity and empowers users to manage all aspects
of the file transfer process by simplifying the exchange of digital files,
ensuring accountability and providing visibility into the entire process.

* ExtremeZ-IP Product Line: ExtremeZ-IP File Server is the proven standard
and most trusted solution for file sharing between Mac desktops and Windows
servers, delivering no-compromise access and providing complete platform
and application compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP Print Server delivers reliable
integration between Mac desktops and Windows servers, creating a
single-point of management for enterprise-wide printing.

For more information, visit Group Logic on the Web at
Group Logic can also be reached at 800.476.8781 / 703.528.1555.