Lasso Professional 8.5.4 Update Now Available

LassoSoft announces the release of Lasso Professional 8.5.4 and Lasso
Developer 8.5.4. This is a free update for all users of Lasso 8.5 and is

The primary change in this build is to fix a performance problem which
affected Lasso 8.5.3 on Mac OS X and Red Hat Linux. This problem did not
affect Windows and did not affect Lasso 8.5.2 or earlier. This update also
includes a new Lasso Connector for FileMaker Server which improves
compatibility with FileMaker Server 9, SOAP enhancements, and other minor
fixes and documentation updates. More information including change notes
can be found here:


Lasso Studio 8.5 Now Available

LassoSoft announces the release of Lasso Studio 8.5 for Adobe Dreamweaver
CS3 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

Lasso Studio 8.5 is a free update to Lasso Studio 8 which includes several
new features, support for the new tags and features in Lasso 8.5, and
support for the recently released Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. Lasso Studio 8.5
can be initialized using existing Lasso Studio 8 serial numbers.

The downloads for Lasso Studio 8.5 will come in two variations. The
“Extensions Only” download includes the Adobe Extension Manager (or
Macromedia Extension Manager) MXP files which will install the Lasso Studio
extensions for Dreamweaver and the Lasso Studio 8.5 application folder. The
“Full Installer” download also includes the latest edition of Lasso
Developer 8.5.

Release notes and download links for this release can be found at this URL:


Betas are currently available for Lasso Studio 8.5 for GoLive and Lasso
Studio 1.5.2 for Eclipse. See the Software Updates section of the Web site
for more information.


Lasso Connector for FileMaker Server 9 Preview