The gamma version of Entrance, the MySQL browser with charts, has just been
released by dbEntrance Software, a new company founded by the two
programmers who wrote the product. More than a thousand free community and
beta versions of Entrance have been downloaded, and the product is now
ready for expanded distribution.

Entrance combines MySQL browser functionality with charting and data
analysis capabilities. The result is a power tool for exploring complicated
datasets. Entrance charts are interactive: it is possible to pan through
them, select data from them and “paint” their data points. The company has
just published a “Reviewers Guide” providing examples.

The Mac version of the product has a few cool features not found on other
platforms: Charts can be sent to iPhoto, for example, and folders can be
opened in Finder. Users can send a SQL script to a colleague by dragging it
from the Entrance explorer tree to iChat or Mail Data can be exchanged with
Apple Numbers and other spreadsheets.

dbEntrance Software plans to ship the product on September 15th, but is now
offering an “early bird special” on the gamma version: Buy it now for just
$39.95 and get the final version on September 15th, plus any “dot” releases
that follow.

The company web site is
The guide is online at