tagtraum industries is proud to announce version 1.2 of beaTunes – an
iTunes add-on for Mac & Windows, popular especially amongst DJs, athletes,
audiophiles and iPod users.

In the past year, beaTunes clearly has become one of the finest iTunes
library management tools around. Its unique inspection feature is unrivaled
by any other software on the market. Never before has it been this easy to
correct typos, wrong genres etc. Goodbye R.E.M. vs REM!

Additionally, beaTunes analyzes the color, tempo (BPM) and language of your
songs, intelligently creates playlists of matching songs, lets you blog
about your playlists, and more.

Whether you need to build a compelling DJ set or workout-playlist for your
Nike + iPod, beaTunes can help.

It lets you build better playlists.

Additionally to new inspections, a full-screen album charts mode, and other
feature enhancements, version 1.2 adds a track identification feature for
songs without artist or title information. This is made possible through
acoustic fingerprints provided by MusicIP’s MusicDNS service.

Furthermore, BPM analysis on OS X was tuned for speed – on a Core 2 Duo,
with two tasks in parallel, BPM analysis is now more than twice as fast as

A free 14 day trial copy is available from: