Scand released a new version 1.4 of dhtmlxGrid, an Ajax-enabled
JavaScript grid with complete functionality and ability to work with
any server-side technology including PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, Java and
Rails. The main enhancements include auto-resizing feature, clipboard
support for FF, improved Safari compatibility and new advanced

Minsk, Belarus, July 17, 2007 – Scand announced the update of its
Ajax web ui component dhtmlxGrid to version 1.4. dhtmlxGrid is a
cross-platform, feature rich, easy-to-use data grid that delivers
spreadsheet functionality in a web application. The grid control
enables developers to quickly implement editable data grids with lots
of advanced features without complex coding.

The major update enhancements include:

– enableAutoWidth method –The grid can automatically adjust its size
(height and width) to the size of the page it’s placed on. The grid
takes all the available space on page and smoothly changes its size
when page is resized.

– updateFromXML method — If grid content is changed in XML on server
side, the changed data can be automatically updated on client, and
only rows that were changed/added/deleted will be processed and
reloaded. This greatly increases grid performance in cases of large
data grids which are to be updated regularly to display actual data.
The feature works in grid extension
( and with
Smart Rendering mode.

– Clipboard support for FF — Previously introduced in version 1.3
clipboard support now works not only in IE, but in FF as well. Block
of cells can be copied and pasted it into desktop application (MS
Excel, Text Editor etc.) via the clipboard.

– Safari support — Version 1.4 brings better Safari support. Some
limitations in the work of grid in Safari were eliminated. Now all
the events as well as context menu work correctly on Apple’s browser.

– Extra exCells — Some new powerful cell editors (exCells) were
added to the grid package, e.g. email, password, native dhtmlx
calendar (besides YUI calendar that has been used), direct date
editing, text editor with controlled string length, editor for
numeric values with validation capability, time editor, etc.)

– TreeGrid update — dhtmlxTreeGrid, an extension of grid control
which displays tables with hierarchical structure, was completely
recoded to improve its performance and stability.

dhtmlxGrid is available under GNU GPL (Standard edition) and
Commercial/Enterprise licenses ($149/$449). More information and live
examples are available on dhtmlxGrid homepage

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