Belkin today announced new iPhone cases and USB hubs. The new cases will be available in August and include: Statements for iPod nano: “Charm” and “Style” (US$24.99); “Fitted” Pocket Blues for iPod and iPod nano ($24.99); “2Face” Reversible for iPod ($24.99); “View” Acrylic Case for iPod ($24.99); “Etch” Remix Metal for iPod and iPod nano ($24.99); and Sport Armband for iPod shuffle ($19.99). Three new Belkin USB hubs conveniently swivel, clip-on, and detach into two hubs — Hub-To-Go detaches to create two USB hubs in one — a stable base and a travel hub. The three new hubs include: Swivel Hub ($29.99); Clip-On Hub ($29.99); and Hub-To-Go ($49.99).