Actual ODBC Supports New FileMaker Pro 9 External SQL Sources

CHICAGO, IL. — July 10, 2007 — Actual Technologies, LLC, a visionary
company focusing on Mac OS X success in the corporate enterprise, today
announced the immediate availability of the Actual ODBC Pack version 2.7, a
set of database drivers for Mac OS X.

The drivers are tailored for use with the new External SQL Source (ESS)
feature of the new FileMaker Pro 9, FileMaker Pro 9 Advanced, FileMaker
Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced, all available today from

With ESS, the legendary ease-of-use of FileMaker Pro is now extended to
include access to popular enterprise class databases. Without any SQL
programming, FileMaker Pro 9 databases can read and update live data in
Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases.Actual Technologies ODBC
drivers provide the layer of connectivity between FileMaker Pro 9 on Mac OS
X and the SQL database. The new FileMaker Pro 9 ESS feature is designed
for use in multilingual environments, and version 2.7 of the Actual drivers
contains transparent support for Japanese, Chinese and other non-English
text.”FileMaker Pro 9 with ESS is really a revolutionary upgrade in terms
of the power it gives to enterprise application developers,” said Christine
Toledo, Marketing Director for Actual Technologies. “It has never been
easier to create Windows and Mac applications that interact with SQL data.”

The drivers can be used with either FileMaker Pro 9 on the desktop or with
FileMaker Server 9 and FileMaker Server 9 Advanced. When used in tandem
with the FileMaker Servers, all ODBC connections are made on the server.
This means that hosted FileMaker applications can take advantage of ODBC
connectivity without configuring the driver on each user desktop.

“Actual Technologies ODBC drivers are an important part of connecting
FileMaker Pro 9 Mac based databases to a world of data,” stated Kevin
Nathanson, senior product manager, FileMaker, Inc. “The combination of
performance, ease of use and value make Actual’s drivers the logical choice
for database connectivity on the Mac platform.”

The drivers are simple to install, with on-line help and diagnostic tools
to assist in quickly establishing a connection to the database. Anyone
familiar with setting up an ODBC connection on a Windows machine will feel
at home with the configuration wizard, while Mac users will experience the
native Mac OS X interface and ease of use that they expect.

Actual Technologies ODBC drivers are available starting at $30 per license.
To purchase the software or download an evaluation copy, please visit

About Actual Technologies

Actual Technologies develops software products and provides consulting
services to integrate Mac OS X into the corporate IT enterprise. Its
products include ODBC drivers for popular databases such as Microsoft SQL
Server, Sybase, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Actual also develops file
conversion utilities to integrate Macintosh applications with their Windows
counterparts, and Mac OS X applications for managing database servers and
manipulating data.

About FileMaker, Inc

FileMaker develops award winning database software for Windows, Mac, and
the Web. FileMaker products combine legendary ease of use with the power
to grow from individuals to large workgroups. Millions of people in
business, education, non-profit, and government organizations around the
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