Apple is offering a new promotion on their US iTunes Store. The company notes: “Just who decides what the Next Big Thing is? Is there a committee? A grand jury of elite tastemakers who have the power and influence to push something into the arms (and ears) of the pop marketplace? Honestly, there’s nothing of the sort (we hope). Musical fads and bands that tap into the the zeitgeist of the moment are hard to predict, if not impossible. Who in their right mind could have guessed that a Modest Mouse album would debut at number one on the charts? Or that the White Stripes would become a gigantic rock band? Or that there was such a thing as an ironic mustache? Mysteries: all of them. Well, we’re halfway through the year and iTunes has a fine selection of artists who we think have the true grit (or pure luck) it takes to become the next big thing. Not only that, but we’re offering these albums for US$6.99 or less.”