FusionCharts Free enables flash charts within FileMaker solutions

FusionCharts team has released FusionCharts Free for FileMaker.
FusionCharts, which is a cross platform flash charting component, can now
be integrated with FileMaker. This product enables FileMaker users develop
data-driven and animated flash charts for their FileMaker solutions. Users
can create various types of charts like Line chart, Column chart, Pie
charts and more advanced charts using this free product.

The product is based on FusionCharts Free platform and as such inherits a
lot of features from the same. It is a platform independent product and
does not require any external plug-ins to be installed. Flash Player 6 is
all that is needed to view the charts. A copy-paste style of installation
makes it handy.

FileMaker users do not need to acquire any specific technical knowledge as
the product uses the in-built features and functions of FileMaker. By
utilizing the Web Viewer object of FileMaker, FusionCharts team has made
the chart loading process available offline. It is not mandatory to have
access to internet to use this product with FileMaker applications as all
the associated files are saved in the users’ machine itself.

FusionCharts team has published a detailed documentation elaborating each
and every aspect of the product. It has also released an open source
blueprint application named as FusionAuto to showcase the best usage
practices and to display the potential of their solution.