=46ontAgent Pro Server 2.0 Adds Scalability, Speed, Security, Stability, and

New SuperServer Makes the Most of Multi-Core Macintosh Servers

June 28, 2007 (Los Gatos, Calif.) – Insider Software, developer of leading
font-management technology for Macintosh and Windows computers, today
announced the availability of FontAgent Pro Server 2.0, which delivers
professional font management, augmented by integrated diagnostics and
repair, to entire departments and enterprises. FontAgent Pro Server
furnishes administrators with consistency and control over font use by
providing designers with access to only those fonts that have been
designated for specific users, groups and projects.

New Multi-Threaded Architecture Taps Multi-Core Server Technologies

The new release of FontAgent Pro Server 2.0 includes an advanced,
multi-threaded architecture that takes full advantage of Apple’s new
Intel-based, multi-core Macintosh platforms, resulting in a five- to
ten-fold increase in font-server speed and scalability. The new release of
=46ontAgent Pro Server expands the capacity of font libraries to tens of
thousands of fonts and supports ten times as many users as previous
versions. The more efficient architecture also moves fonts to and from the
server faster and more efficiently, eliminating I/O bottlenecks that slow
down users and tie up servers.

New License Manager Tracks Font Usage

=46ontAgent Pro Server 2 stores purchase and license information for
purchased fonts so organizations can ensure they can manage and re-order
fonts easily. The Server also tracks license usage and sends warnings to
administrators if license limitations are exceeded.

Smarter Incremental Updates Bring Speed and Efficiency

The new FontAgent Pro Server performs smarter, smaller, incremental updates
of font libraries on both clients and servers. The more compact updates
enable server-client font synchroniza=ACtion to use far less network
bandwidth and occur at blazing speeds. The increased performance and
efficiency benefit everyone in the organization, especially remote and
traveling users utilizing low bandwidth connections.

Improved Administration and Security

The new release includes an all-new, more efficient transport layer that
uses open-standard XML and TCP/IP to provide important configuration and
maintenance benefits. The new communications stack allows admins to
automate disk-image distribution of FontAgent Pro software to client
machines across large networks, as well as the use of custom ports for
tighter security control, including http-standard port 80.

To ease administration of large user communities and to provide users
mobility, the new FontAgent Pro Server release permits the same user to
login from more than one client machine.

Only Font Server for New Intel-Based Macs

=46ontAgent Pro offers the only font server that runs natively on Intel and
takes full advantage of the latest Macintosh multi-core architecture,
making it the most advanced font-server technology on the market.
“FontAgent Pro Server has made impressive inroads into the installed base
of Suitcase and FontReserve Server,” commented Bruce Mitchell, CEO of
Insider Software. “With our new order-of-magnitude leaps in performance and
scalability, even more customers are dumping their aging, less efficient
legacy products.”

System Requirements

=46ontAgent Pro Server requires Mac OS X version 10.3 or later, 30 megabytes
of disk space and a server with at least 256 megabytes of memory. No
dedicated server hardware is required, although FontAgent Pro Server
supports a range of Macintosh hardware, from dual G4 boxes up to and
including Apple’s Xeon-based servers such as the XServe and 8-core Mac Pro

Pricing and Availability

=46ontAgent Pro Server 2.0 is priced at $1,695 per server. Each user
connecting to the server requires a licensed version of the FontAgent Pro
connected client, whose retail cost is $129.95 per seat. For more
information, users can visit www.insidersoftware.com. To purchase FontAgent
Pro products or obtain additional information, call Insider Sales at
888-366-8778 or 520-229-1212.

About Insider Software

=46ounded in 1994, Insider Software makes products that streamline the
creative process, including the industry-leading FontAgent Pro family of
font management products and Smasher, the world’s first preventive font
maintenance application.

About FontAgent Pro Server

=46ontAgent Pro Server is designed for managing, distributing and
synchronizing fonts across creative and business teams. It connects with
=46ontAgent Pro clients to provide a complete font management system for
small business, workgroups and large enterprises.

About FontAgent Pro

=46ontAgent Pro, designed for creative professionals, provides a complete
font management system that integrates diagnostics, repair, font selection,
font book creation, and design tools in a single powerful, yet simple
application. It is the only product to offer such modern features as
multiple font libraries, cascading sets for job and project management, and
a Font Player? that provides interactive real-time font selection tools.
=46ontAgent Pro also offers unique administrative tools with its ability to
secure workstations, permitting modifications to libraries and sets only if
approved by the administrator. Powerful live searching and extensive
filtering provide additional power and flexibility.