— Private-label Social Network System Now the First With Comprehensive
Feature Set for Networking Groups —

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., June 18, 2007 — Web Crossing, Inc. today announced
WebCrossing Neighbors 2.0, now with video support, new Neighbors Networks
functionality, and much more.

New video support in version 2.0 empowers WebCrossing Neighbors
administrators to create a video repository for their members on site, or
to integrate with an external video repository service. A new,
comprehensive feature set for Neighbors Networks allows members to quickly
discover and network with others of like mind or shared interests. A new
business card member option allows visiting members to participate in
online conversations with an abbreviated profile instead of a personal
space with content.

“Social networking sites empower companies and organizations to build
relationships with their customers and constituents,” explained Tim
Lundeen, president and CEO of Web Crossing, Inc. “As these sites gain
popularity, members want to streamline making and interacting with friends.
The new Neighbors Network features allow members to quickly find people who
are like-minded or geographically close. We’re also pretty thrilled with
the new video support, offering two new options for serving video.”

Now companies and organizations can let members post video content using
one of two new video options. WebCrossing Neighbors 2.0 administrators can
create integrated video spaces on the system in which members upload,
manage and publish their own videos. Alternatively, administrators can
provide video through integration with the Photobucket service, where
members can upload and manage their videos, and then embed an HTML link to
their Photobucket video within their journals, discussions and groups.

WebCrossing Neighbors 2.0 introduces a comprehensive set of features for
new Neighbors Networks. A Neighbors Network consists of a subset of members
who are on the same WebCrossing Neighbors social network site who have
something in common. Neighbors Networks gives members a quick way to
streamline their social network experience and meet people with whom they
already share an interest. Neighbors Networks can be created around
commonalities such as geographical region, vocation, avocation, etc. More
than discussion participation in a community forum, Neighbors Networks
provide instant connection with other members, distributed email to other
Neighbors Networks members, calendars shared by other network members, the
ability to read and post to community forums using email, automatic welcome
and help email, and more.

WebCrossing Neighbors 2.0 also introduces a new subscriptions manager
feature that allows members to change their own subscriptions, with more
refined detail for how they want to be notified of activity in journals,
community discussions or Neighbors Networks. A new “digest” option has been
added, letting members choose to receive a daily digest of activity in
their space, friends’ spaces, and community groups. A new bookmarks feature
lets members easily mark a place of interest to visit later.

New support for Google AdSense lets sites add text-based advertising, which
is relevant to the proximate content. WebCrossing Neighbors IM and Chat now
support Unicode (UTF-8) so that members can use two-byte non-Roman
languages, such as Japanese.

About WebCrossing Neighbors
WebCrossing Neighbors is a private-label social network system for
companies and organizations to extend brands and build relationships with
their customers, colleagues and constituents.

WebCrossing Neighbors is a hosted solution complete with common areas for
interest groups, personal user spaces, profiles, blogs, discussions, photo,
video and file sharing, access controls, search and more. WebCrossing
Neighbors lets businesses and organizations create, with complete control,
their own customized, branded online social networks where members can link
personal spaces with friends and colleagues.

WebCrossing Neighbors is scalable, extensible and completely customizable.
Personal spaces link friends and colleagues together using a dynamic
tagging engine, with support for “degrees of friendship.” System-wide
search is fully indexed and lightening fast, while system-wide
announcements provide members with hot news or other updates.

Pricing, Compatibility and Availability
WebCrossing Neighbors is available immediately as a server hosted package
for maximum uptime, priced based on traffic and member storage capacity
starting at $195/month.

Guided tours of WebCrossing Neighbors are available. Additional information
can be found at: (http://webcrossing.com/Home/webcrossing_neighbors.htm).

About Web Crossing, Inc.
Web Crossing, Inc. is the virtual communities and collaboration tools
powerhouse. The award-winning Web Crossing products help companies and
organizations extend brands and build relationships. Further information
can be found at (http://www.webcrossing.com/).