Easy-to-Use Video Compression Cluster Technology Updated

Pooch Clusters Support QuickTime HD H.264 Compression

San Francisco, CA, USA – Apple WWDC – June 11, 2007 – Dauger Research,
Inc., announces version 1.2 of the Pooch QuickTime Exporter plug-in,
providing the fastest way to generate high-definition H.264 compressed
movies from desktop video editing applications with Mac hardware. Directing
clusters, managed by the patented Pooch (Parallel OperatiOn and Control
Heuristic application) and Pooch Pro clustering software, has never been
easier to do from applications like iMovie and Final Cut Pro. It is ideal
for video podcasters, online educators, or other video enthusiasts who want
to distribute content online with fast turnaround.

“We see this new version of the Pooch QuickTime Exporter as an example of
how mainstream users can use cluster computing”, said Dr. Dean Dauger,
President of Dauger Research, Inc. “Pooch clustering technologies gives
users the easiest way to apply clustering. The compression speed now
possible with the Pooch QuickTime Exporter is the best H.264 compression
performance accomplished with general- purpose hardware, all via a modern
user interface. Users can encode HD content for the Apple TV faster than
they ever could before.”

New features of Pooch QuickTime Exporter include compression presets
specifically for the Apple TV and iPod and deinterlacing of source content
for progressive displays. It shows its best speed advantage when
compressing with multiple codecs and, its newest feature, multiple size
movies simultaneously, ideal for targeting many device types from one
source. The Pooch QuickTime Exporter is a Universal parallel code, meaning
it can use mixed clusters of multi-“Core” Intel- and PowerPC-based
Macintoshes and uses the Message-Passing Interface (MPI)
supercomputing-industry standard. See http://
daugerresearch.com/pooch/quicktime/ for more details.

Dauger Research makes v1.2 of the Pooch QuickTime Exporter available today.
The plug-in is bundled for free with newly purchased Pooch or Pooch Pro
software, while current Pooch users may download the plug- in immediately
to begin compressing video on their clusters. See the Pooch web site for
pricing, including academic pricing, and a trial version of the clustering

The Pooch QuickTime Exporter requires Intel- or PowerPC-based Macintoshes
and/or Xserves with 2 GB of installed RAM running Mac OS X 10.4 or later
and/or Mac OS X Server 10.4 or later and Pooch or Pooch Pro or PCM v1.7 or
later and networked with 100BaseT switched Ethernet or faster (Gigabit for
HD) for the demanding needs of video.

At WWDC 2007, Dauger Research will be available at the Scientific Poster
Session on Tuesday, June 12, on the second floor of Moscone West to discuss
this new technology, among others. Further details are available online:
(http://daugerresearch.com/vault/wwdc2007.shtml) We encourage online
viewers to sign the online petition to encourage other developers to
further clustering to the mainstream: (http://daugerresearch.com/petition/)

Profiled and honored on national television by the William Shatner- hosted
“Keeping America Strong” show, Dauger Research, Inc., makes
high-performance computation and visualization easy to use and accessible
to users. Our award-winning team, to better accomplish our scientific
goals, reinvented the cluster computer in 1998, pioneering easy-to-use,
high-performance clusters. Dauger Research, Inc., is committed to bridging
the divides between the scientifically and technically complex and the