PremiumSoft has released Navicat 6.3.6 for MySQL, the latest iteration of
its database management tool featuring improvements for data import/export
and query builder. This version is universal binary and supports all
versions of MySQL database.

Download URL:

Sneak preview of the major features of Navicat 7.x for MySQL.

New Import Wizard – Supports Excel file; Improves performance, usability,
and much more.

Tabbed Window – Performs multiple operations in a single window.

Virtual Grouping – Provides better categorization for objects.

Event Scheduler – New MySQL feature as of MySQL 5.1.

The MySQL client tool features an intuitive interface, can synchronize
databases, import/ export and backup data. Primary features of Navicat
include a visual query builder; SSH/ HTTP tunneling for remote database
connectivity; server-to-server database transfers; data and structure
synchronization; import/export of most popular data formats to and from
MySQL; task scheduling; and easy-to-use “wizards” designed to walk users
through the steps of migrating CSV, DBF, TXT, XML, or other data formats to
MySQL. Navicat for MySQL 6.3.6 requires Mac OS X 10.1 or later.

Navicat MySQL website:

Navicat is also available for PostgreSQL: