Collanos Creates Global Network for Team Collaboration

Collanos Software Releases Collanos Workplace 1.1, including a new Central
User Directory and Restore Bin as well as Vista support

SAN FRANCISCO – May 24, 2007 – Collanos Software today released Collanos
Workplace 1.1, a free p2p platform that enables team collaboration on
Windows, Mac, and Linux systems without the need for a server. Version 1.1
lays the foundation for global team collaboration. In addition, several new
features have been added, including a Central User Directory, User Sign
In/Out, and Vista OS support. Collanos delivers increased reliability,
speed, and overall performance.

Collanos Workplace offers small business teams, students, non-profit
organizations, and other knowledge-sharing professionals, an easy-to-use
set of comprehensive collaboration tools. Collanos’ global collaborative
network allows internet users to easily form teams and effectively
collaborate together on a shared passion, goal, or project.

With the introduction of the Collanos Central User Directory, users will be
able to see and invite any other Collanos community member, even if they
are offline.
Collanos Workplace allows users to restore any previous version of team
member contributions. The Auto start kicks off the replication process
immediately after the computer goes online. With the new Sign In/Out step,
on top of the existing data encryption and secure storage, Collanos adds an
additional security measure to protect project and team data.

Existing Workplace users will see an immediate improvement with the overall
performance of the application, and in the speed of content replication
across each team member’s workspaces.

With this new release, Collanos Software continues to execute on its vision
of bringing free, easy-to-use, yet powerful team collaboration solutions to
millions of internet users. Collanos’ mission is connecting collaborating
people and enabling professional teamwork on a global basis and beyond
enterprise boundaries.

“Over the last few months Collanos has been collecting input from the
thousands of Windows, Mac and Linux users to better manage their team
projects,” said Franco Dal Molin, CTO and President of Collanos. “Quarter
over quarter Collanos triples its users. From the new release we expect
important acceleration for this growth.”

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About Collanos Software
Collanos is a global startup that focuses on the collaboration needs of
teams who demand a secure, cross-platform, server-less solution, on- and
off-line. By leveraging open-source technologies, open standards, the
familiarity of existing tools, and a global development model, Collanos
delivers a friendly, all inclusive team-based solution that combines the
benefits of classic client/server, web, and peer-to-peer architectures.