VictorSystems hardens Apple Mac Mini Computer System to withstand harshest
environments and use.

Westlake Village, CA May 8, 2007 – VictorSystems, a new start-up, has
released its first system based upon the Apple Mac Mini Computer. The
company is focusing on providing ruggedized commercial and industrial
products for demanding Mil/Aero applications.

This demonstration system provides a full set of ruggedized peripherals
that allows OS X compatible applications to be used in places that were not
possible before. “There are many die-hard Apple users that have been
wanting to dump their WinTel systems, but could not find a rugged OS X
system until now”, states Vic Cohen, VictorSystems owner.

The Rugged Mini Computer System presented on the VictorSystems website
illustrates how the Mac Mini can be packaged for ground support
application. This system can be reconfigured for use in other hostile
environments. “One cooling method or packaging method will not fit all”,
says Cohen, as he intends upon offering product variants and extensions as
demands dictate.

VictorSystems provides manufacturing and engineering services for the
Mil/Aero industry, with emphasis upon ruggedizing commercial and industrial
electronic systems.