New Parallels Technology Network Delivers Software as Free,
Pre-Configured Virtual Appliances

Network brings together individual developers, software companies, IT
administrators, and virtualization enthusiasts from around the world

RENTON, Wa. — April 26th, 2007 — Parallels, Inc., maker of
award-winning desktop virtualization solutions for Windows, Linux and
Mac OS X, announced today the Parallels Technology Network (PTN) —
an online community for users, as well as developers using Parallels
virtualization technology to deliver their software in self-contained
virtual appliances.

Via the PTN, which is available online at (,
users and developers will have access to a wealth of information
related to Parallels virtualization technology. In addition,
developers can make their software available to Parallels users as
virtual appliances.

“We’re taking ease of use to another level by facilitating the
availability and adoption of virtual appliances that run on a PC or
Mac regardless of the operating system,” said Benjamin Rudolph,
Director of Corporate Communications, Parallels. “Parallels Virtual
Appliances are the ultimate in hassle-free technology, as they give
our users access to pre-configured applications running
self-contained in pre-built Parallels virtual machines.”

Virtual appliances (VA) are self-contained software modules, usually
built using Linux open source software, that perform specific
functions. VAs are an excellent, low cost way to ensure that every
computer user has access to critical software, regardless of which
operating system they choose to run on their host computer. Because
VAs are isolated from the host machine, they are a very secure way to
run software, and because they are self-contained, they can be easily
backed up, restored, or deleted without compromising the host system.

“Virtual appliances are the easiest way to consume software,” said
Brett Adam, VP of Product Development, rPath. “For software
providers, rPath’s platform for quickly building and easily
maintaining Parallels Virtual Appliances and the new Parallels
Technology Network delivery model enable entry to markets that will
not tolerate complex application setup and maintenance procedures.”

An example of one virtual appliance available from the Parallels
Technology Network is an OpenOffice VA running the popular
open-source software suite with Microsoft Office-like word
processing, spreadsheet and presentation functions. Users can simply
download the VA and run it, without any manual configuration or
setup, on any Mac or PC powered by Parallels virtualization.

“The Parallels Technology Network presents us the opportunity to
deliver our software to millions of Parallels users worldwide in a
way that wasn’t economically feasible in the past,” said Kimbro
Staken, chief technology officer, JumpBox in Tempe, Arizona. “JumpBox
applications are pre-configured and can be deployed without
modification to a PC or Mac.”

“Working with Parallels to provide Freespire and Linspire virtual
appliances through their Parallels Technology Network affords
millions the benefit of a tested, secure, easily-managed virtual
appliance for Freespire or Linspire.” said Kevin Carmony, CEO of
Linspire. “We’re delighted to be working with them on this great
solution, as well as responding to our customers’ demand for having
Parallels available through CNR technology in the near future.”

Part Research Lab, Part Community Forum
The Parallels Technology Network is a combination research library,
development lab and community forum that is divided in the following

Knowledge Base – This area contains a wealth of information related
to Parallels virtualization software, including product guides, white
papers, datasheets, Parallels Virtual Appliance documentation,
product FAQs, as well as product trial downloads.

Virtual Appliance Directory – All independently-developed virtual
appliance software running on Parallels is listed and organized by

Community Forums — This includes two separate areas. The first,
“About Parallels Virtual Appliances,” corresponds to the Virtual
Appliance Directory and facilitates discussion about individual
appliances and their users. The second, the “Parallels Technology
Network Discussion Forum,” is an open venue where any registered user
can post messages about Parallels virtualization software.

Joining the Parallels Technology Network Available to any computer
user or software company, the PTN offers various levels of
participation, all of which are completely free:

Public Level – Users may participate in forum discussions at this
level, as well as submit virtual appliances to the Parallels Lab for

VA Partner Level – This level allows developers to not only post
their logo and URL to the directory to establish a greater community
presence, but also enables them to work with the Parallels marketing
and business development teams to create mutually beneficial

Technology Partner Level — This is the deepest level of involvement
with Parallels. Virtual appliances submitted by Technology Partners
are certified to be of extremely high quality, stability and
functionality. Vendors also work closely with Parallels on marketing,
business development, and product development, and play an integral
role in fostering the adoption of virtualization in the broader
computing market.

About Parallels
Parallels, an SWsoft company, builds powerful, user-friendly,
cost-effective server and workstation hardware virtualization
solutions for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Headquartered in Renton,
Wa., Parallels is a global company that employs a rapidly-growing
team of experienced technical and business professionals. For more
information, please visit (