An article in today’s, Priya Ganapati writes that Apple just keeps getting better and better. “The company stunned Wall Street Wednesday with its second-quarter earnings report as profits rose nearly 87%. But that’s only the beginning, say analysts. Apple is more diversified than ever, and growth in its core PC business is nearly three times the industry average,” writes Ganapati. “And there’s more in store: Apple’s most anticipated product, iPhone, is set to launch toward the end of June; a new operating system, Leopard, in October could further drive computer sales; and the company may debut a variation on its iPod or Macintosh line in the next few months. All told, Apple is set to enter the strongest three quarters in the company’s history, and the EPS upside that the company showed in the second quarter is no fluke, says Gene Munster, senior research analyst for Piper Jaffray, which makes a market in Apple shares.”