Brainwave today released version 2.2 of its award-winning power napping and sleep software, pzizz. “The fast pace of the modern world, and a general feeling of uncertainty regarding world events, are causing problems such as stress and insomnia like never before,” says Edward Laing, CEO of Brainwave Enterprises and owner of pzizz. “Thousands of people from all over the world are finding that pzizz helps them to de-stress, re-energize and enjoy deep, restorative sleep –- at the press of a button!” New features in this release include: new Help and Screencast; split modules into .pzizzplugin and .pzizzaudio bundles (future updates should not require audio files to be downloaded again); user can set delay at end of “energizer” before alarm to between 2 and 10 seconds; user can set silent delay at beginning of live playback to between 5 and 60 seconds; system will “go to sleep” without additional user interaction at end of sleep soundtrack when option is selected; and more. The pzizz Energizer Module and the pzizz Sleep Module are available for US$29.95 each, or as a bundle for $49.95.