Panic today announced the availability of Coda 1.0, a new one-window Web development environment for Mac OS X. Designed for hand-coders, Coda brings together all of the major features needed to develop Web sites in a single interface. It includes a complete built-in file browser based on the Transmit engine that allows users to work locally or remotely; a full-featured text editor that supports real-time over-the-net collaboration, auto-completion, HTML validation, and innovative find/replace; a convenient “Sites” feature for instantly restoring your project environment; live Safari preview with a visual DOM inspector; a complete visual CSS editor allowing for easy changes to style sheets; an SSH terminal; licensed built-in reference material for quick coding help, and more. Limited time introductory pricing is available at US$79 for new users, and $69 for customers who already own a Transmit 3 license. A 15-day demo is also available.