CineForm today announced a new product family called NEO that supports high-resolution HD and 2K media source acquisition and online editing for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. NEO uses the “Visually Perfect” CineForm Intermediate format to enable an online compressed Digital Intermediate workflow. The NEO family has three members — NEO HDV, NEO HD, and NEO 2K — each of which address specific feature and pricing needs within the high-resolution post-production market. CineForm is also announcing that new versions of its existing products — Aspect HD v5, Prospect HD v3, and Prospect 2K v3 — will all gain new features, including expanded support for HD-SDI acquisition and expanded support for cross-platform QuickTime features. These features are also available in the NEO family of products. In addition, as part of its expanding product lineup, CineForm is announcing new lower pricing for its Prospect HD and Prospect 2K family of products.