Software License Protection and Management

Placitas, NM USA — March 2, 2007 – Excel Software began shipping version
2.0 of the QuickLicense system to manage the secure, flexible licensing of
Windows and Macintosh software. In addition to traditional applications
written in languages like C, C++, Delphi, Visual Basic and REALbasic,
QuickLicense is being used for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Photoshop
plugins and Adobe Director multimedia content. Vendors can produce
trialware, perpetual licenses or time-leased content. With minimal
programming, they get flexible control over how many days or executions are
allowed, which computers or users can run the software, the security
features that protect it and how the activation process works.

The QuickLicense application is used to configure a highly flexible
licensing strategy with data stored in an encrypted ticket file. The ticket
file and runtime executable file is distributed with the vendor’s
application. This royalty-free system can be applied to any consumer,
business or shareware application developed in any programming language.
QuickLicense offers online activation through a human controlled or
automated process. It also supports passwords, license reset and controlled
usage by specific computers or users. It makes shrink-wrapped, electronic
download or time-leased distribution of software quick and secure.

QuickLicense 2.0 ticket configuration options simplify the process of
license activation and reactivation. In addition to configuring the
licensing strategy, vendors can store, organize and search data collected
from customers during the activation process. Data can be imported or
exported to any spreadsheet or database application. Version 2.0
optimizations make opening and saving a large customer database with
thousands of records over four times faster.

QuickLicense 2.0 adds new flexibility for collecting custom information
during the registration/activation process and makes it easy to send
Activation Codes or support customers through integrated,
template-generated email. QuickLicense keeps a log of outgoing customer
emails that are each linked to the customer’s data.

A Single User License of QuickLicense is $495 on Windows or Macintosh or
$795 for both platforms. The package includes examples, PDF manual, printed
manual and royalty-free distribution of the runtime file for any number of
products or licenses. The Windows edition runs on Windows 98 or later,
while the Macintosh edition includes both OS 9 and OS X native executables.
Licenses can be configured on, deployed to or managed from any supported
platform. Demo editions, site license pricing and secure online ordering
can be found at